Carelia Grill A-Fire

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CARELIA GRILL® A-FIRE is a stylish garden fireplace with an elegant Finnish design. It can be placed in the garden, on the terrace or by the lakeside of your summer house.

A-FIRE is durable, easy, and safe to use in nearly all weather conditions, especially with the compatible rain cap (seperately available). Thanks to its A-shaped design, you always have the perfect weather for grilling – and you don’t have to worry so much about flying sparks. The front edge can hold one blazing board.

Feel free to prepare your favourite BBQ-food with the matching stainless-steel grill rack (optional accessory): sausages, vegetables, grilled meat, fruit and many more! For more protection, the compatible wind and spark guard and floor plates are available for this model.

The A-Fire is in Black or Cor-Ten